What's a Mobile TV Platform

Understanding the Business Model

BIG DATA input and

The Future of TV

In the MOBILE TV industry “Big Data” plays a crucial role in helping to increase the size of the audience; to have a stronger relationship with the viewers; to improve the rating/engagement of every show; and to forge better partnerships with other brands and media influencers.

That’s why Big Data is the fuel of our business model; this allows us to optimize every step of the planning and production process to generate more revenue from digital platforms and more engagement with the audience.

We are interested in producing content and business
strategy first of all to reach out those young viewers that are
not very interested in what’s on the big screen in their living
rooms and secondly to target market specific niches.
We moved from “a mass media” content production mindset to a more precision media
where we can target very niches specific market.

Marketing and Distribution

Premier and Premium content is first released via:

Additionally G-Lab Media partners and content licensing will help you reach out 100% of the broadcast marketplace in USA and Latin America  with online distribution footprint of over 16,000 television– including broadcast & cable networks, cable systems, and syndication outlets. 


G-Lab Media is a company dedicated to provide Content Expertise and monetization, Creative Talent, Extensive Distribution Network and First-Person Data