Making Online Fundraising Easy, Powerful and Complete.

G-Lab media helps companies to organize their online efforts into a structured business process. G-Lab Media specializes in the ideation, production, distribution & analysis of content marketing campaigns so every organizations can deliver relevant content to their audience which helps build trust and revenue.

G-lab Media is a Digital Production Firm that provides
interactive design, video production and web design.

We specialized in creating concepts and graphic designs with a lifestyle approach. We aim to create concepts that are a declaration about the value, identity, purpose and mission of an organization. Our primary objective is to articulate the personality and qualitative values of  a brand with images, colors and other graphic elements appealing to the prototypical audience’s lifestyle and subcultures.

Team G-lab Media

Our production Studio is located at 5955 NW
102nd Av, Doral Fl 33178 Miami, FL 33178

Senior Content Producer:

Two marketing executives lead every Online Fundraising Campaign. They set the strate­gy, coordinate the creation of the content ac­cording to strategy, review key metrics and take in feedback from internal and external stakeholders.

Managing Editor:

The quarterback of the operation runs the editorial calendar of every campaign, coor­dinates the content submissions of internal and external contributors, reviews metrics and is also a content contributor.

SEO Expert:

This employee is dedicated to the online fund­raising campaign search strategy and perfor­mance.

Production Crew:

Integrated by filmmakers, storytellers, an editor, professional photographers, a graphic artist, an interactive media designer and an experience designer.

We are a dedicated team of passionate designers, thinkers, problem solvers and technologists with a variety of complementary skills and interests but a shared love and the desire to push the field forward and make the web better.