Marketing Strategy | Interactive Design and Web design

We are deeply motivated by the concept of “Strategic and Systematic design.” It means that we can’t jump straight in to a design without understanding the user behavior.

We lay down the foundation of our “strategic design” by defining the user’s behavior and trends. We are conscious that we are dealing with a very special media-saturated youth culture audience, we focus on their behaviors and we work hard to get an understanding of how to actually design for them. We believe the process of thinking is very different; our mission is to draw that emotional connection out of people with clever design that will make the experience even more powerful and engaging for the user.


Our Passion is building brands from inside out.


We fully understand the overwhelming message “global e-commerce is set to continue increasing its position of importance dramatically”. We are here to help to face the numerous challenges before translate offline businesses into an online one.

Our mission is to achieve the engage with the brand through both a powerfull marketing strategy and a clever and user-friendly website, coverting web-traffic into sales, framed in an remarkable and engaging experience for the customers using the latest technology and tools to build the website and strategies for e-commerce.


Our vision is at the cutting edge of e-commerce development.

App development

G-Lab Media introduces you to the mobile ecosystem with the best practices which involves systematic steps by carefully employing from conceptual to completion stage of mobile application development process.

Creating a consistent, reliable experience for all users, not to mention maintaining that experience; G-Lab Media seeks to help businesses to understand how they reach to the stage of exploiting the opportunity that this ecosystem provide.


This is not just any app development, this is a mobile app mindset development.

Video Production

G-lab Media meets the storytelling demands of nonprofit organizations and Ministries who want to reach out the “small screens” and mobile content consumers through brand journalism or content marketing.

Creating rich media content such as Small-screen Short Formats and Documentary Series, Web or app based premium content – Magazine Style Programing, App-based Channel and finally, both in English and Spanish; G-Lab Media Media seeks to help organizations and ministries to meet and excel their marketing goals, whether it is to build awareness, drive donations or grown loyalty and retention.


We specialize in producing cultural relevant content for a media-saturated audience.